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Cryptocurrencies have been added as Rewards

Tuesday, March 21, 2018 Today we are happy to anounce that Cryptocurrencies have been added as Rewards to be redeemed with Xenocoins. This decision has been made due to the rising popularity of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain Technology. In the following years Cryptocurrency is expected to become a very important step towards decentralized economy. The underlying technology, the Blockchain, also rises in popularity by providing decentralization in every imaginable way.

Which cryptocurrencies were added?


Being the oldest and best known Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin can not be absent here. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and is today still the most popular one. While it can not keep up with more modern ones in terms of speed and fees, it will probably stay around for a long time either as payment method or as a store of value.


Another asset already known to a wide array of people is Ethereum. The innovation of being able to build smart contracts on top of a decentralized currency and also launch new tokens using the Ethereum blockchain helped it to reach the position it has today. Being the second popular and traded cryptocurrency on the market there would be no reason for it to not be added here as a reward.


Another very old cryptocurrency is Litecoin. In it's structure it is fairly similar to Bitcoin and already around since 2011. While not being as well known as Bitcoin it is still a stable coin which has been around for a long time and can still be found in the Top 5 for Market Capitalization.


Often dubbed as the 'Chinese Ethereum', NEO also offers developers to build tokens and smart contracts on their network. Owners of NEO also receive dividends, the so called 'GAS'. Additionally, unlike with most other cryptocurrencies, there are no transcation fees when sending and receiving NEO. One think not so perfect may be, that only whole amounts of NEO can be sent, so no 0.001 NEO.


Nano, the former RaiBlocks, has not been around for so long and may not be very popular amongst a lot of people. But thanks to it's lightning fast transactions and zero transaction fees as well as an active developer team, Nano is a cryptocurrency that may really be able to be used on a day-to-day basis in the future, provided that more adoption of the coin happens. As of now, many fans and followers are calling it a sleeping giant.


One DOGE is one DOGE.

We also deceided to give you 10% off on NEO and Nano, because both coins do not have any transaction fees.

If you are logged in, you can proceed to redeem cryptocurrency here.