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Referral ContestšŸ†

Invite all of your friends and receive large amounts of Xenocoins

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97/100 Contest Entries

Top List:

Position Username # of Referrals Prize


🥇1st Place: 100,000 Xenocoins🥇

🥈2nd Place: 50,000 Xenocoins🥈

🥉3rd Place: 30,000 Xenocoins🥉

4th Place: 20,000 Xenocoins

5th-9th Place: 10,000 Xenocoins

+100 Xenocoins for every valid contest entry you get!


  • 1. You will earn one point in this contest for each referred user who earns at least 1500 Xenocoins and completes one or more offers/surveys. Referring other users is the only way of entering this contest.
  • 2. The referred user must register between April 15th 0:00 CET and May 14th 23:59 CET. The contest will be extended until the minimum entry count of 100 is reached.
  • 3. The user with the most points at this contest will receive the first price, the user with the second most points the secon price and so on.
  • 4. The current top 10 list as well as the prices can be seen on this page above the rules.
  • 5. For every contest point you get, you will also receive 100 Xenocoins.
  • 6. Every Xenogifts user automatically participates in this contest by referring other users.
  • 7. Referred users have to register from a different IP address then the contest participant.
  • 8. Participant may not create multiple accounts in order to get contest points.
  • 9. Participants may not gain contest points by doing fraudulent actions.
  • 10. Only registered Xenogifts users are able to participate in this contest.
  • 11. No purchase is necessary to participate.
  • 12. Any violation against these rules will result in an exclusion from the contest and may also result in the termination of the participant's Xenogifts account.
  • 13. This contest is hosted by this webpage, Xenogifts.com and will only appear here.
  • 14. Winners will be notified and receive their rewards on May 31st after all entries have been checked by the administrator. Winners will be chosen depending on their amount of content points (as shown in the table above).
  • 15. Our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy apply to this contest.
  • 16. If one of your referral's offer completion lead will be reversed because of fraud or other activity, your contest point will be deducted.
  • 17. Very unethical marketing behaviour, for example telling users to complete offers fraudulently intentionally, may lead to your exclusion from the contest.
  • 19. Have fun!