Is it free to register on Xenogifts.com?

Yes, registration is 100% free.

How do I earn Xenocoins?

The main earning source are the Offerwalls which can be found under Earn Coins once registered. Additionally, every day you can claim your daily coins. Also watch out for other special campaigns on the main site.

How do the Offerwalls work?

The Offerwalls are provided by advertising networks. They are lists of tasks like downloading apps and filling out surveys which will be rewarded with Xenocoins.

What Offerwalls are available?

Currently, we have offer walls from AdGate Media, Persona.ly, OfferToro, Wannads, Adscend Media, Offer Daddy, SuperRewards and Kiwi Wall. More walls will be added in the future.

Are all Tasks at the Offerwall free?

While there is a big selection of free tasks, there are also some offers that need you to pay in order to receive your Xenocoins. Usually, those offers are marked as paid offers by the Offerwall provider.

Why are no offers available?

Some Offerwalls do not support certain countries. Also make sure you are not using a proxy/VPN.

Why did I not receive my Xenocoins?

We can not guarantee that the promised Xenocoins are rewarded, because the offer networks decide which user to reward. Please make sure to follow these steps:
Follow the advises given in the Offerwall
Do not insert any fake data when completing an offer
Disable your Ad Blocker
Enable 3rd Party Cookies
Do not connect to this page via VPN/Proxy
If the Xenocoins are still not rewarded after a couple of hour, look for a Support button in the Offerwall, they may be able to assist you.
Contacting the Xenogifts-Support will probably not help you in such a situation.

What rewards can I receive for spending my Xenocoins?

Currently, Steam Games and Gift Cards are available. We are constantly adding new games and are also planning to add things like Steam Trading Cards, CSGO Skins and more to our reward selection.

Do you have a referral system?

Yes, feel free to refer your friends. You will get 10% of their earnings and they will start with 200 Xenocoins on their account.

Why is the game/skin/product xyz not available?

Contact our support and we will look if we can add the product for you.

If you have any additional question, feel free to Contact Us