Privacy Policy

On Xenogifts.com, the security of your personal data is considered as very important. Personal data will only be treated according to german law and this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data is only collected from the user when he registers voluntarily. The data collected there are integral for the full functionality off the website. The email address collected is only used to send important messages regarding the user's account or important updates of the website and customer support.

The user's passwords will never be stored in plain text. They are transfered over a safe HTTPS-protocol and will be stored encrypted on the server.

While Xenogifts.com never sends userdata directly to third parties, the use of iframes is given which allows third parties to embed their websites into Xenogifts.com Those parties act according to their own Privacy Policy.

Some information, containing type and version of the browser, operating system, referrer URL, hostname and time of requests, may be stored in LOG files. Those information are not assignable to a certain person.

The IP address of a user might be stored, with no connection to other userdata, to ensure the stability and the security of the website and prevent fraudular activities.

By using this website cookies may be stored on your computer. Those are little text files which help the website to remember a user's login and improve the user's experience.

If you want to request information or a deletion of your userdata, you may contact support @ xenogifts.com

If this Privacy Policy is changed, the user's will be informed on the website.