For the time being, Xenogifts will stop operation on October 6. Thank you all for your support!


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Nano (NANO)
Price: 812.16xenocoin/NANO
Min. Order: 0.5 NANO
Cardano (ADA)
Price: 39.1xenocoin/ADA
Min. Order: 15 ADA
Stellar (XLM)
Price: 63.24xenocoin/XLM
Min. Order: 10 XLM
Verge (XVG)
Price: 3.56xenocoin/XVG
Min. Order: 100 XVG
Ripple (XRP)
Price: 295.48xenocoin/XRP
Min. Order: 5 XRP
Litecoin (LTC)
Price: 53340xenocoin/LTC
Min. Order: 0.05 LTC
Dogecoin (DOGE)
Price: 2.69xenocoin/DOGE
Min. Order: 1000 DOGE
Ethereum (ETH)
Price: 176370xenocoin/ETH
Min. Order: 0.02 ETH
Price: 276.5xenocoin/MIOTA
Min. Order: 2 MIOTA
Qtum (QTUM)
Price: 1720xenocoin/QTUM
Min. Order: 0.2 QTUM
Dash (DASH)
Price: 68480xenocoin/DASH
Min. Order: 0.01 DASH
Neo (NEO)
Price: 7100xenocoin/NEO
Min. Order: 1 NEO
Bitcoin (BTC)
Price: 8052530xenocoin/BTC
Min. Order: 0.002 BTC
Price: 40.98xenocoin/XEM
Min. Order: 10 XEM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Price: 218420xenocoin/BCH
Min. Order: 0.01 BCH
Monero (XMR)
Price: 57410xenocoin/XMR
Min. Order: 0.025 XMR
Quant Network (QNT)
Price: 5460xenocoin/QNT
Min. Order: 0.1 QNT
Holotoken (HOT)
Price: 0.78xenocoin/HOT
Min. Order: 1000 HOT
Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Price: 220.59xenocoin/BAT
Min. Order: 5 BAT
Maker (MKR)
Price: 481780xenocoin/MKR
Min. Order: 0.005 MKR
Chainlink (LINK)
Price: 2360xenocoin/LINK
Min. Order: 0.5 LINK

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